Gastão Cruz

(b. 1941)

'Having made his appearance within a generation of poets which especially cherished the place of the word – understood as naked matter – and created a rift in the evolution of last century’s Portuguese poetry, Gastão Cruz has always revealed (particularly during the last decade) echoes of the Portuguese 16th century classical poetry, namely of paramount authors such as Camões and Sá de Miranda.'
Gastão Cruz was born in Faro, in the Algarve and lives in Lisbon. He studied English and German literatures at the University of Lisbon and became a teacher. He published his first book in 1960s which was followed by many others; he is also an essayist and a translator of poetry and plays. In 1975 he was one of the founders of Teatro da Graça, where he staged and directed several plays. During the 80s, he lectured for a few years in the Portuguese and Brazilian Department of King’s College London. He is at present one of the directors of the Luís Miguel Nava Foundation and of the literary magazine Relâmpago.
Poetry books since 2000: Crateras (2000), Rua de Portugal (2002), Repercussão (2004), Outro Nome / Escassez / As Aves (2006), A Moeda do Tempo (2006), Os Poemas (2009), Escarpas (2010), Óxido (2015)


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