Pedro Sena-Lino

(b. 1977)

'T.S. Eliot said that no poet or artist can be considered on his own since, one way or another, we all are heirs to something or someone. Pedro Sena-Lino is, in my opinion, heir to an illustrious inheritance that he brilliantly reinvents.'
Pedro Sena-Lino was born in Lisbon and is currently living in Berlin where he teaches Portuguese and creative writing. He has a PhD in 17th century Portuguese Women’s Literature and, besides being a poet, he also writes fiction and essays. His latest novel was published in 2013.
Poetry books since 2000: Cosmorama, Constelação dos Antípodas (2000), As flores do sono (2002), o ilimite verde - malcata, sete geografias (2003), biofagia (2003), deste lado da morte ninguém responde (2005), zona de perda - livro de albas (2006), material angústia  (anthology of his 10 years of poetry) (2010)


Sexta, 27 de Janeiro de 2023