Ana Luísa Amaral

(b. 1956)

'Ana Luísa's poetry contains images ranging from the most trivial objects to nature and the celestial world, from where a search is born verging on metaphysics. Nonetheless, she does not consider these themes more important than others, such as love, death and loneliness.'
Ana Luísa Amaral teaches Anglo-American literature at the University of Porto. She obtained her Ph.D. with a thesis on Emily Dickinson, having translated many of her poems which were collected in a book, published in August 2010.
Poetry books since 2000: Imagens (2000), Imagias (2002), A arte de Ser Tigre (2003), A Génese do Amor (2005), Poesia Reunida (2005), Entre Dois Rios e Outras Noites (2007), Entre Dois Rios e Outras Noites (2007), Se Fosse um Intervalo (2009), Inversos, poesia 1990-2010 (2010), Vozes (2012), Escuro (2014), E Todavia (2015), What's in a name (2017)


Domingo, 29 de Janeiro de 2023