Helga Moreira

(b. 1950)

'Helga Moreira’s poetry is made of a texture of precise and exact language which simultaneously eludes and rebuffs its interiority as if wishing to be protected from its own gaze, only to unforeseeably surrender through a tearing or a tempestuous line, thus exposing an unexpected intensity or the sharp edge of a scalpel dissecting non-mitigating feelings and emotions. Her poetry is both intense and contained and is the product of exemplary and rigorous literary technique.'
Helga Moreira was born in Guarda and lives in Porto where she runs a biometrics company.
Poetry books since 2000: Um Fio de Noite (2001), Desrazões (2002), Tumulto (2003), Agora que falamos de morrer (2006)


Terça, 31 de Janeiro de 2023