Rui Cóias

(b. 1966)

'Rui Cóias’ poetry appeared in 2000, as a powerful and dense world, where real elements seem to float on a desolate landscape of silences and distances. The title of his first book, ‘The Geographer’s Function’, immediately signals the route of a journey whose spaces are shaped by time and memory and the landscape determines human actions.'
Born and raised in Lisbon, Rui Cóias studied law at the University of Coimbra. He then returned to Lisbon to work as a lawyer for nine years, after which he left the profession. He is currently writing a PhD, after having studied Philosophy at a Lisbon university.
Poetry books since 2000: A Função do Geógrafo (2000), A Ordem do Mundo (2005), Europa (2015)


Domingo, 29 de Janeiro de 2023