Alberto Pimenta

It is in his lyrical incursions, at times elegiac, in works published already in the 21st century, that Alberto Pimenta’s most political gesture is manifested, carrying with it an affirmation of freedom and living values and making him one of the greatest voices in Portuguese contemporary poetry.

Bernardo Pinto de Almeida

Alberto Pimenta was born in Porto and lives in Lisbon. He spent many years in Germany (1960-1977), where he taught at the University of Heidelberg. After returning to Portugal, he became a professor at Lisbon’s Universidade Nova. Besides being a poet he is also an essayist and a translator.

Poetry books since 2000: Ode pós-moderna (2000), Grande colecção de inverno 2001-2002 (2001), Tijoleira (2002), A encomenda do silêncio [Antologia] (2004), Marthiya de Abdel Hamid segundo Alberto Pimenta (2005), Imitação de Ovídio (2006), Indulgência plenária (2007), Planta rubra (2007), Prodigioso Acanto (2008), De nada (2013), Autocataclismos (2014), Pensar depois no caminho (2018), Zombo (2019), Ilhíada (2021).