Ana Marques Gastão

We are not talking of feminine sensitiveness in the most obvious sense of the term, but of a refinement of the soul and a capacity for poetical evocation, a sublimation of feelings through a fresh, clean, purified look within its (minimal) simplicity.

Yvette K. Centeno

Ana Marques Gastão, who trained as a lawyer, is a poet, a journalist and a literary critic. She is currently the assistant editor of Colóquio Letras, the literary journal published by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Poetry books since 2000: Terra sem Mãe (2000), Três Vezes Deus  (in collaboration with António Rego Chaves et Armando Silva Carvalho) (2001), Nocturnos (2002), Nós/Nudos (Noeuds)  (translated into French by Catherine Dumas) (2004), Nós/Nudos, 25 poemas sobre 25 obras de Paula Rego (2007), Lápis Mínimo (2008), Adornos (2011), L de Lisboa (2015), O olho e a mão (com Sérgio Nazar David) (2018), Oníricas (2023).