David Teles Pereira

David Teles Pereira moves within a vast universe of influences which projects a diffuse identity on his poetry; if it seduces the reader, in a first instance, it quickly brings disquietude and challenge. He combines fine humour with cynicism; from a spiritual and jolly tone, he suddenly steps into aggression. Even when it delights us, the beauty in his poetry is already embracing an act of treason.

Diogo Vaz Pinto

David Teles Pereira is one of the editors of the literary magazine Criatura. He works in Lisbon as a writer, critic, blogger, publisher, university lecturer in law and law consultant.

Poetry books since 2000: Criatura nº4 Dezembro (2009), Biografia (2010), Criatura nº 6 Novembro (2011), Lobos (with Diogo Vaz Pinto and Golgona Anghel) (2013).