Margarida Vale de Gato

This poet’s name brings to my mind Lewis Carroll’s Alice in a Valley of Lusitanian romanticism, and her poetry has echoes of Mário Cesariny. It shows a careful use of vocabulary, an eviscerated boldness regarding what may or may not be the outcome of mixing other languages with the reality of our Portuguese daily life and the knowledge, well diluted in a finery of irony, of someone who can “spit out sin’s stones”. And well done her, that’s what I say.’

Armando Silva Carvalho

Margarida Vale de Gato was born in Vendas Novas. She is a PhD in North American Literature and Culture and teaches in the University of Lisbon. She is a literary translator from French and English into Portuguese of both poetry and prose.

Poetry books since 2000: Mulher ao Mar (2010), Mulher ao mar retorna (2013), Lançamento (2016), Atirar para o torto (2021).