Miguel Cardoso

Miguel Cardoso’s poetry suggests a ‘civilisational arrival’; it is verbose and itemised, with a tendency to be gregarious. The author creates a structure attempting a full view of the world: he utilises materials which can be ordinary and currently used and others less explicit which he attempts to tie up together in different ways. He does this in a most candid manner as his books follow a sequential urgency and each one boasts its own cosmogony.

Miguel Manso

Miguel Cardoso holds an MA in English Studies from Birkbeck College, University of London. He is a reader, a translator, and a lecturer in the DocNomads – Masters Documentary Film Making Erasmus Mundus Programme, at the Lusófona University of Lisbon.

Books since 2000: Que se diga que vi como a faca corta (2010), Pleno emprego (2013), Os engenhos necessários (2014), Fruta feia (2014), À barbárie seguem-se os estendais (2015), Víveres (2016) e Mais de mil anos (2017).