Renata Correia Botelho

Although Renata’s poems are brief, they carry no sense of closure, concealment or erasure; they bring the importance of a voice – internal, consequential – that connects distances through bridges; a voice that brings memory, loss, desire into a certain moment, and is capable of switching an instant on or off as a sure path to its feeling. Poems that breathe like birds and make themselves heard not for their song but for the vibration they leave behind.

Rui Miguel Ribeiro


Renata Correia Botelho was born in the Azores islands where she lives and works. She read Psychology at the University of Porto. Her main artistic interests and collaborations reside in poetry, painting and dance.

Poetry books since 2000: 21 Haiku com Asas, Urbano E Cabras (2008), Um Circo no Nevoeiro (2009), Avulsos por causa (2010), small song (2010), Esta Casa (2013).