Rui Pires Cabral

It is no overstatement to say that Rui Pires Cabral is the author of some of the most beautiful Portuguese poems written in the last decade. Starting often from small everyday themes, his poetry reaches an unusual lyrical intensity by evoking a fluid and hidden geography capable of wandering through cities, memories or songs. He has a voice very much his own – a concise writing in which melancholy, uncertainty and irony achieve a balance that produces rare images and surprising effects.

Vítor Nogueira

Rui Pires Cabral was born in Macedo de Cavaleiros, a small town in north east Portugal. He read History and Archaeology at Porto University. He lives in Lisbon and works mainly as a translator.

Poetry books since 2000: Praças e Quintais (2003), Longe da Aldeia (2005), Capitais da Solidão (2006), Oráculos de Cabeceira (2009), A Super-Realidade (2011), Ladrador Antologia (2012), Morada (2015), Manual de condutor de Máquinas Sombrias (2018), Simple Science (in English) (2019), Tense Drills (2021).