Sara F. Costa

Sara F. Costa’s poetic creation opens the door to the revitalising of many themes, through original image-filled language in which meaningful aphorisms and epigrammatic elements co-exist. Her poetry holds in perfect balance inner and outer universes seen from many angles – be that eroticism (of body or soul) or the proximity of technology. Hers is a Multiple, Refreshing and New Poetic Voice.

Nuno Brito

Sara F. Costa has published five poetry collections in Portugal. Her latest book won the international award “Glória de Sant’Anna” for best poetry book published in Portuguese speaking countries in 2018. She has an MA in Intercultural Studies: Portuguese/Chinese from Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Her verses have been translated into several languages and featured in literary journals all across the world and she has hosted and collaborated with a number of poetry festivals in Portugal and abroad.

Poetry books since 2000: A melancolia das mãos (2005), Uma devastação inteligente (2007), O Sono Extenso (2011), O movimento impróprio do mundo (2016), A transfiguração da fome (2018), Ser-rio, Deus-corpo (2022).