Tatiana Faia

In Tatiana’s poetry, one can sometimes feel the releasing of the words, an undefined disorder, the brief sound of arrivals and departures and yet, her writing brings light to the labyrinths, welcomes the poem and embodies its life.

Tiago Patrício

Tatiana Faia is a poet, scholar, editor, and translator. She grew up in Lisbon and has lived in Oxford since 2012. She has a Ph.D. in Ancient Greek literature and is one of the editors, alongside José Pedro Moreira, Victor Gonçalves and João Coles, of the independent literary project Enfermaria 6. She divides her time, as much as she can, between Oxford, Athens and Lisbon.

Poetry books since 2000: Lugano (2009), Teatro de Rua (2013), Um quarto em Atenas (2018), Leopardo e Abstracção (2020), Adriano (2022).