Maria do Rosário Pedreira

Maria do Rosário Pedreira’s poetry has been, since her very first book, ‘A Casa e o Cheiro dos Livros’ (The House and the Smell of Books), a musically melancholy writing, infused in a unhurried tune of harsh beauty in which, like the wind in the cypresses, the feelings of loneliness and forsakenness blow, together with a lyricism embroidered by a sort of needle of time guided by distance and memory.

Rui Cóias

Maria do Rosário Pedreira was born in Lisbon. She has a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures and has worked in publishing since 1987 – her brief includes the discovery of writers of new literary fiction in Portugal. She has also written a novel and two series of books for young people which were both adapted for television.

Poetry books since 2000: O Canto do Vento nos Ciprestes (2001), Nenhum nome depois (2004), Poesia Reunida (2012), Adeus, Futuro (2021), O meu corpo humano (2022).