Pedro Mexia

In many of his poems, Pedro Mexia tries to deal with the fluidity, even with the vacuity of meanings – in one of his lines he appears to regret having lost his childhood faith in glossaries. Seeped with the nostalgia for word and world orders that seem to have vanished along with the 20th century, Pedro Mexia’s poetry offers a challenging reading of high modernist tenets, interspersed with the swift sound-bites of contemporary tunes and lives.

Margarida Vale de Gato

Pedro Mexia is a writer and a literary critic who lives in Lisbon. He writes regularly for various newspapers and literary magazines and collaborates in radio and television programmes.

Poetry books since 2000: Em Memória (2000), Avalanche (2001), Eliot e Outras Observações (2003), Vida Oculta (2004), Senhor Fantasma (2007), Menos por Menos – Poemas Escolhidos (2011), Uma vez que tudo se perdeu (2015), Poemas escolhidos (2018).