Pedro Sena-Lino

T.S. Eliot said that no poet or artist can be considered on his own since, one way or another, we all are heirs to something or someone. Pedro Sena-Lino is, in my opinion, heir to an illustrious inheritance that he brilliantly reinvents.

Ana Hatherly

Pedro Sena-Lino was born in Lisbon and currently lives in Gent, Belgium, where he is an Assistant Professor of Portuguese. He has a PhD in 17th century Portuguese Women’s Literature and, besides being a poet, he also writes fiction and essays. His latest novel was published in 2013.

Poetry books since 2000: Cosmorama, Constelação dos Antípodas (2000), As flores do sono (2002), o ilimite verde – malcata, sete geografias (2003), biofagia (2003), deste lado da morte ninguém responde (2005), zona de perda – livro de albas (2006), material angústia (anthology of his 10 years of poetry) (2010).