Rui Costa

The world is suspended (kept in play) and enlarged through keeping a certain balance on the oscillating rope between vital points: ‘small god/ tumbling down from the sky of dexterous and rigorous/ thinking’. In Rui Costa’s poetry there is a strength which seeks other-worldly incorruptibility, and a violence that despairs of attaining it, being already on the outside, and there, finding itself alone.

Margarida Vale de Gato

Rui Costa was born in Porto and died in January 2012 in the same city. He studied law at the University of Coimbra and worked as a lawyer for six years, both in Lisbon and London. He then did an MA in Public Health at Leeds University and was working towards a PhD in the same area at the time of his death.

Poetry books since 2000: A Nuvem Prateada das Pessoas Graves (2005), O Pequeno-almoço de Carla Bruni (2009), Breve Ensaio sobre a Potência (2012), Mike Tyson para Principiantes (2018, published posthumously).