Tiago Patrício

Tiago Patrício’s poetry reconciles a strong inclination towards lyricism and images with a linear narrative which grants to the poems’ wholesomeness a discourse that delights and at the same time challenges its readers. We are faced with a balanced and thoughtful poetry which maintains an intimate relationship with prose. It returns to present day poetry some of the narrative sobriety and historical dimension that has been lost in recent decades.

Luís Felício

Tiago Patríco was born in Funchal, Madeira, in 1979 and trained as a pharmacologist. He lives and works in Lisbon. He also writes fiction, plays and songs.

Poetry books since 2000: O Livro das Aves (2009), Cartas de Praga (2010), A Memória das Aves (2012), Altos cumes (2020).