Vasco Gato

To go over Vasco Gato’s poetry, we need silence. For Vasco Gato also brings silence: he doesn’t interrupt the ‘warn-out’ ways of the world and thus the world doesn’t notice the ‘voluntary’ presence of the poet who then ‘surrounds’ it and captures it in the word. In that moment, even the ‘cry’ sounds like the best of ‘blues’. To undergo Vasco Gato’s poetry, we must conquer fear. For only by leaning our body on the poem will we avoid the ‘fall’.

Filipa Leal

Vasco Gato was born in Lisbon, where he now works as a translator.

Poetry books since 2000: Um Mover de Mão (2000), Imo (2003), Lúcifer (2003), A Prisão e Paixão de Egon Schiele (2005), 47 (2005), Omertà (2007), Cerco Voluntário (2009), Rusga (2010), Napule (2011), A Fábrica (2013), Contra mim falo (2015), Primeiro Direito (2016), Um passo sobre a terra (2018), O fim do contágio (2022).