Isabel Aguiar

A mixture of sorrow and elevation pervades through Isabel Aguiar’s poetry. Hers is a dispossessing poetry, with no permanent features given life’s inconstancy. It is bare because the desert’s aridness is the place of the nameless mystics; it is woven in the name of love for the other, in a feeling of emptiness suspended over an abyss of light. Nameless and with no fixed terrain, Isabel’s poetry reveals both light and darkness, but light prevails.

Fernando Eduardo Carita

Isabel Aguiar was born in Funchal, Madeira and lived in Lisbon where she worked as a teacher of Portuguese in a secondary school. Sadly, she passed away in 2021.

Poetry books since 2000: Bichos Instantâneos, (com António Ramos Rosa) (2002), Nunca se Regressa ao Mesmo Lugar (2003), Requiem por Auschwitz (2014), A Língua de esperanto dos pássaros (2015), As Mães da Síria (2016), As crianças de Moria (2021).