Jorge Sousa Braga

The most visible roots of Jorge Sousa Braga’s poetry seem to be in the poetry of the beat generation and the haiku. However, the echoes of these heritages merge with multiple other references, perhaps more deep-seated, resulting in an innermost personal tone, simultaneously detached and gentle, from which the most effulgent poetical findings can erupt.

João Luís Barreto Guimarães

Jorge Sousa Braga was born in Cervães, a village in Minho, in northern Portugal. He lives in Porto where he is an obstetrician. He published his first poetry book in 1981. He is also the author of two books of poetry for children, some anthologies and a few books containing versions of oriental poetry.

Poetry books since 2000: A Ferida Aberta (2001), Pó de Estrelas (2004), Porto de Abrigo (2005), O poeta Nu (2007), O Novíssimo Testamento e outros poemas (2012), O Poeta nu: poesia reunida (2014), A matéria escura e outros poemas (2020).