José Miguel Silva

In having to choose just one poet, I choose José Miguel Silva. My reasons (which I would rather not have to explain, as I lack ability for this sort of thing) should be obvious for any discerning reader that picks up one of his books. On the one hand, the critical, lucid and unencumbered gaze he sets on the world and on the times we live in. On the other, the formal precision, the impeccable rhythm and the richness and expressiveness of vocabulary that distinguish all his poems. But enough of generalities (forgive me, José Miguel). I just want to add that some of the most perfect poems I know were written by him.

Rui Pires Cabral

José Miguel Silva was born in Vila Nova de Gaia, on the southern bank of the river Douro mouth. He is a translator and contributes sporadically to literary magazines.

Poetry books since 2000: Ulisses já não mora aqui (2002), Vista para um Pátio seguido de Desordem (2003), Movimentos no Escuro (2005), Walkmen (com Manuel de Freitas) (2008), Erros Individuais (2010), Serém, 24 de Março (2012), Últimos poemas (2017).