Sérgio Godinho

Sérgio Godinho’s poetry swings between the quotidian and the transcendent, between a direct and transparent speech and a cryptic, harsh, often splintered one. His language keeps in mind a coherent individual, social and discursive body. In either register one senses a blade’s precision, a very fine thread weaving and un-weaving rhythms, poetry’s underground. “Messages yet to be opened” says one of his lines: they deserve to be opened.

Ana Luísa Amaral

Sérgio Godinho was born in Porto. He has been, since the 1970s, an important singer, lyricist and composer. He has composed music for films and theatre and has been involved in the staging and directing of several plays. He published his first poetry book in 2009.

Poetry books since 2000: O sangue por um fio (2009), 60 canções (2012), Palavras são imagens são palavras (2021).